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Irina's Blog0002: Newari Cultural & Traditional Performance

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Irina Gressog April 8, 2017; Saturday 18:00 NST (Nepal Standard Time)

On Friday, April 7th, 2017, all volunteers of Hoste Hainse had the opportunity to visit a Newari Cultural & Traditional Performance as well as Feast for empowering women prisoners. Women prisoners in Nepal are facing a big problems getting rehabilitated in the society after serving jail sentences. Therefore, the Leading Women Association and Sajena Craft organized this event and sold tickets for 1,500 Rupees each (around 13,5€). The money raised will be used to help women prisoners who have completed their terms in prison but are forced to stay in jail because they struggle to pay the bail amount due to poverty, prolonging their stay in prison.

As Hoste Hainse is also involved in the empowerment of women, Sulo was personally invited to this event and she bought 20 tickets in total to support this initiative. Anne, Jake, Munashe, Martin and I were very happy to be invited by Sulo. We experienced an exciting event with cultural dances and a number of speeches, that unfortunately, were mostly held in Nepali (we really should try to learn the language ;) ). It was great to be part of such a fundraising event and to somehow contribute to the empowerment of women prisoners.

At the end we had an amazing feast, where we got to try lots of different Newari dishes, such as beaten rice, vegetables, roasted meat, curd, fruits and a special dessert called Yomari. The food was served by "The Village Cafe" ( So, whenever you are in Kathmandu you should visit their restaurant, try their excellent local food at affordable prices, and do not forget to order chocolate yomari as dessert! :)

From left to right: Munashe, Irina, Martin, Anne and Jake

Thank you, Sulo, for taking us with you!

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