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Sponsor a child's education...

for the price of a family dinner!

With Project 3K, you have the opportunity to send a child in need to one of our non-profit, free-of-cost schools in Sarlahi for only 3,000 NPR or $30 USD per year. As a sponsor, you will maintain a special connection with your sponsored children– receiving their photos and progress reports each year. With Sarlahi's literacy rate hovering only around 50%, even one year of education can change the lives of these children.

Before donating please consider:

  • How many years would you like to extend support for? We recommend 11 years so that the child can advance all the way through high school to secondary education.

  • How many children would you like to support? We recommend supporting at least one child, if not more. 


If you would like to be updated on the children whose education you are helping make a reality, please donate and fill out the form using the button below. If you live in Kathmandu and would like to donate, we can send someone for the collection of funds, just email or call us.  


Once you have completed your donation and filled out the form, we will email you the registration forms of the children you are supporting and continue to update you once a year. We also welcome you to visit our Hoste Hainse schools in Sarlahi! We hope you enjoy watching these children grow and flourish over the years, all thanks to your help!

Project 3K: Who We Are
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