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Sanjeev Pandey


Hoste Hainse is an organization promoting educational support to children in rural as well as urban communities.

Sanjeev Kumar Pandey is the Hoste Hainse Board's treasurer, and at the same time runs his own business, Bounty

Himalaya, which produces high quality natural soap and other cosmetics in Nepal. Having done his Intermediate Studies in Science at Amrit Science College and his Bachelors in Micro-biology at Tri Chandra College in Kathmandu, he has started his Masters in Sociology. He was the first director at Lotus Paper Crafts, a subsidiary of Lotus Holdings, the flagship "business with ethics" social enterprise that spawned Formation Carpets/Hoste Hainse like companies across multiple verticals. This was his introduction to Hoste Hainse, and Sanjeev has been a board member since the year 2000. At the time he was already active with Lions Club Nepal and was more than willing to support another social project in and for Nepal.


Running his own business, Sanjeev helps the Hoste Hainse Board with his expertise regarding finances as well as new ideas

and impulses from outside the charity viewpoint. Furthermore, he helps connect Hoste Hainse with private businesses in and outside Nepal since he has been to several trade fairs in Germany, Spain and Japan - mostly promoting handicrafts.


For Sanjeev, Hoste Hainse is great at making donated funds reach needy children directly, without any unnecessary

bureaucratic processes or exorbitant overhead; it is an organization which promotes and practices the values of sharing and charity concisely and without any confusion. Also, in Sanjeev's opinion, 25+ years of experience give Hoste Hainse a long term benefit which proves once again Hoste Hainse's dedication towards its objective.


Sanjeev's input to improve Hoste Hainse's performance is to not only concentrate on educational support but also

establish more and more programs which help to improve people's livelihoods with a directly visible impact. For example, enterprise issues in the agricultural sector such as programs promoting and teaching organic farming or goat keeping, just to name a few, like the skill development programs which Hoste Hainse has already launched in Sarlahi.


His dream for Hoste Hainse is for it to become a prosperous international organization with lots of connections to other

countries and maybe even an endeavor to establish projects outside of Nepal, based on the experiences it has collected from its domestic projects over the past 25 years. For Nepal, Sanjeev's vision consists of a prosperous, democratic country with a government clean of corruption and a leadership which will help Nepal over an extended period of time.


Sanjeev lives with his wife and daughter in Kathmandu and in his free time he loves to travel, network and surf the web for

inspiring ideas.

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