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main blog0011 : corona lockdown

krishna bikram shah march 31, 2020; tuesday 23:00 nst (nepal standard time)

lockdown day #8 in kathmandu.

one word: wow. feels kind of surreal.

corona virus covid-19 pandemic

as of this writing, 800,000+ cases worldwide, with 40,000+ deaths. by the time you read this, the numbers will be higher. my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected as well as everyone working on the front lines.

2020/03/31 COVID-19 Dashboard at Johns Hopkins University

well, i made it back here, and within a month too. read my last blog entry for context: [ blog0010 : german ambassador sarlahi visit ]. so much has happened over the last 30 days or so. where do i even begin? do i just focus on corona (the last two weeks)? or should i also tell you about the weeks leading up to it? after all, march is the month it was declared a pandemic! let me try and do a bit of both without boring you.

in the hoste hainse world, march is always a month of pressure, as the academic year ends in march... well, more or less. the end of march is mid chaitra (right now), the last month of the nepali year (as well as academic year). this academic year, thanks to covid-19, all exams were pre-poned by about two weeks, which means everything was more or less wrapped up by march 18, 2020. otherwise, we would see the wrap-up right about now.

the end of the academic year means finalization of budgets for the next academic year, and since we have been running on a deficit for the last four years, it also means the month of most pressure fiscally, as we run out of funds. teachers' salaries (for chaitra) are due in less than 12 days now plus we also need to buy books + stationary for next year. our annual movie fundraiser, which we normally run right about now, would help us solve this problem (last year we raised over npr 6 lakhs showing captain marvel -- more info here -- and that is pretty much how we paid for the chaitra expenses then). this year's movie fundraiser was supposed to happen, coincidentally, this weekend:

James Bond No Time To Die Charity Movie Premiere - postponed due to COVID-19

and we had also already printed tickets mid february, as we wanted to front load ticket sales for a full house. so much for that. i guess i don't need to explain why we had to cancel (or postpone rather) the movie fundraiser even before we started selling tickets. so much happened over such a short time span. again, one word: wow!

for now, the movie fundraiser has been postponed. but the bigger question is -- will corona change the world? will corona change the way we humans behave? will we ever step foot into a movie theatre again? :) well, i guess i am taking it to extremes, but it is too early to tell what will happen post corona. we have not even hit the apex yet. the exponential graph above speaks for itself. we're now at approximately 65,000+ infections per day globally. when are we going to see the graph plateau? when is the vaccine coming out? will the vaccine solve the problem? or is it going to be just like the flu vaccine (close, but no cigar)? whatever happens, the economic and social fallout thanks to this pandemic are going to be massive, i think. we're already beginning to see the effects. still, we're human, and we hope for the best. we look for the silver lining.

and this would probably explain why some of you have been receiving emails and calls for support lately, whether it be p3k renewal emails or requests for new sponsorships. yes, we are working from home, and yes we are making one final push at the end of the 2076 academic year to cover as much of our deficit as possible. if you have not received a call or an email from us, please consider supporting us through our flagship project, project 3k:

project 3k

more info @

project 3k "marketing"

sorry, i am going to inject some "marketing" here because i am also feeling the pressure and after all it is not for personal gain. so here goes: for npr 3,000 (or usd 30) you can support the education of one underprivileged child for an entire year at one of our non-profit free-for-all community schools for underprivileged children in sarlahi. this npr 3,000 covers everything and not only just stationary, or clothing, or what a small amount usually covers. yes, i know -- this sounds too good to be true, and so allow me to give you an explanation:

our sarlahi budget is about npr 60,00,000.00 (npr 60 lakhs). with npr 60 lakhs, we run 4 schools. total enrollment across 4 schools is about 2,000 children. i say "about" since we always get "visitors." the official class roster has a set number of students, but villagers send their children to come and attend classes too. we do not have the heart to turn them away. after all, we're providing free education.

simple math: npr 60 lakhs divided by 2,000 students equals npr 3,000 per student.

3000 = 3k. hence, project 3k. i am sure you already knew this. so, what are you waiting for? please sign up for one child for just npr 3,000 per year if you live in nepal, or usd 30 per year if you live abroad. within nepal, we ask you for a direct deposit into our bank account, or a bank deposit via your mobile app. like "fonepay." or if you live in kathmandu, we can also send someone for cash collection (once the lockdown is over). if you live abroad, we accept credit card on our website:

please donate usd 30 if you want to sponsor one child, usd 60 for two, usd 90 for three, and so on. you get the picture. once you donate, we'll send you forms of the children you are supporting once a year with pictures so that you can see their progress along with pictures. how awesome is that?

if you are already supporting us via project 3k, thank you! if you have not, then please take this opportunity to do so. once again, donate online if you live abroad. if you live inside nepal, please call us or email us:

call us at 01-5550700 (main line), 98495-00163 (pratima), 98031-65816 (bipasha) or 98431-29031 (rashmi)

or email us at [ ].

for more info: [ ].

now, how about some pre-lockdown updates?

project gamala

networking is both a blessing as well as curse. a blessing, as with it, you can move mountains via collaborative efforts. a curse, as if you do not use it properly, you are wasting too much time talking and planning, and very little time acting. the key is to find the right balance between the two. we, at hoste hainse, have been struggling with this balance. since we are a 30-year old organization, you can imagine how big our network is. if our task list grows with 10 items per day, our execution rate is perhaps only 3 items per week. so, the number of tasks piling up is exponential while the execution rate linear. perhaps this is something that every organization faces in reality, but be that as it may, it is something that drives me nuts! but not only that, it is something that drives me in general. there is so much to do and what is why i get excited every morning when i get out of bed. :)

project gamala is one of those networking outcomes. the guy behind project gamala is anish gajurel and within 15 minutes of meeting each other we knew that our wavelengths matched. we got so excited in our initial meeting that it almost felt like we could change the world (for better) overnight. such was the energy in that meeting room. if you think about what we do -- education is only the tip of the iceberg, although it is our core competence. our sustainable ventures carry tremendous weight. instead of writing a long paragraph about our sustainable ventures, here are some bullets that summarize it:

  • Recycle for Education:

  • Reuse for Education:

  • Plant for Education: (will soon become

  • Soap for Education:

these are just the efforts that we have on our website. there are more efforts that we don't even publicly share yet, like organic farming, rain water harvesting, bio-gas, wind energy, solar energy, electric cars, and much much more that we do behind the scenes, and the best part is that they all feed into our core competence -- education for underprivileged children. these other efforts are stuck in "analysis paralysis" as we do want to tell the world about them, but we don't quite know how to package them and present them yet. have ideas? please email us! is our email address.

back to anish gajurel and project gamala. what they basically do is upcycle gamala's (flower pots) and hence the name. but they do much much more than that -- upcycle, recycle, re-use, and also introduce art into their products, experiment with commerce and attempt to find a viable business model in it all. here's their facebook page; check it out:

my primary school classmate from st. xavier's godavari days, jon tamang, brought anish with him to meet with us, and we did not even know that anish was coming. it was the first time jon had met anish as well, but wanted him to come and pow-wow with us as he knew our mindsets would match. happenstance. the best kind of networking meetings happen like this. here's the group photo we took at the end:

2020/03/13 Project Gamala Hoste Hainse Visit - Anish, Jon, Krishna, Bipasha, Sarita, Rashmi

amazing how fast it can get warmer. this photo was taken march 13th, and we were still wearing sweaters then. now, on march 31st, it is already t-shirt weather (in the afternoons at least). but i guess i could also write about why jon was here, and that is another chapter altogether. jon has always been supportive of our activities at hoste hainse. with his family, he runs a nepali (asian fusion) restaurant, makalu kitchen, in hamburg, germany, and via the restaurant supports 10 children at project 3k. side note -- project gamala's anish's brother, ayush, also lives in hamburg, germany, and thus the connection. but back to jon. jon always looks for ways to help nepal, although he's lived in germany for over two decades now. we first connected on social work right after the 2015 earthquake when he sent an entire container worth of relief materials from germany to nepal (he was working in shipping then). when jon came to nepal in 2015, he also made a trip to sindhupalchowk, where we (hoste hainse) re-built a school destroyed by the earthquake.

turkish airlines

in the summer of 2019, i was in hamburg to attend the rotary international conference and stayed with jon for about week. then, over some good german beer, we discussed what we could do long-term with hoste hainse and his help/aid for nepal... something continuous than just one-off's like during the earthquake. we talked about many things like hanging custom nepalese hand-knotted carpets manufactured by formation carpets (hoste hainse's corporate sponsor, i.e., we don't pay rent and utilities thanks to formation carpets) at makalu kitchen and making them available for sale (and of course the proceeds would be donated to hoste hainse), which is also something we're pursuing in parallel. but at the end, we thought about also doing something a little simpler. and that idea was given to us by another friend of jon, who also lives in hamburg, miraj roshan. here's a photo of when that idea was born:

2019/06/01 Jon, Miraj, Krishna Hamburg Meeting

so it's quite simple actually. the nepalese (and wider community) already gives, and gives a lot, not only cash but also non-cash donations. this is how jon was able to get an entire container of donations together right after the earthquake. people still give, but the problem is getting those things over to nepal. we're talking about in-kind donations, things that can be re-used, things that would feed right into our reuse for education fundraiser, our weekly garage sale in which gently used clothing and household items are sold at subsidized rates (never over npr 100) and the sale funds go 100% towards our education programs. i already posted the link above, but here it is once again:

Reuse for Education:

the problem of transport remains, and here is where miraj's idea came into play -- hamburg is a hub for turkish airlines. turkish airlines has daily flights to nepal. turkish airlines does csr (corporate social responsibility). if we can somehow align everything, we should be able to get donations collected in hamburg to nepal for free, or at a subsidized rate. jon already has about 1 ton of donatable items collected, from clothes to household items, including computers and other electronics.

and that is what is in flight right now. before jon contacts turkish airlines in hamburg, we went ahead and contacted turkish airlines here. and this was also something in the making for months, slowly aligning all our playing cards, using the power of networking. long story short, formation carpets supported zonta during their centennial fundraiser by donating a hand-knotted allo/silk/wool rug, which fetched zonta npr 65,000 during their auction. when zonta thanked formation carpets, hoste hainse was automatically in the limelight. rashmi from hoste hainse attended the zonta program where she met turkish airlines general manager for nepal, tuncer kececi. later zonta invited formation carpets / hoste hainse once again, to support them at a movie fundraiser at labim mall. we stood with zonta once more by purchasing movie tickets and again met with tuncer, who happened to be there as well (apparently an avid supporter of zonta).

the lockdown came at a time when we almost decided it was not a good idea to approach turkish airlines, but then again thought perhaps we can use this "down time" to contact them anyway. so, here's the email that rashmi wrote turkish airlines last friday along with the csr support request formal letter:

From: Hoste Hainse
Date: Fri, Mar 27, 2020 at 4:50 PM
Subject: CSR Support Request - Hoste Hainse
To: Tuner Kececi

Dear Tuner Kececi:

Like you, we are closely monitoring the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its impact on everyone across the globe. Our hearts go out to all who have been affected. As always, the health, safety and well-being of our communities, supporters and our employees is paramount. In a time of so much uncertainty, it is not easy to continue business-as-usual, but we would like to try and carry on our operations as much as possible, if not for anything else, to take our minds off the pandemic. Hence, this email.

As per our message exchange over instagram, thank you for sending me your email address for me to reach out to you for a possible CSR collaboration between Hoste Hainse and Turkish Airlines which I had hinted at when we met during the Zonta programs both at the Soaltee Hotel as well as LABIM Mall. The attached PDF speaks for itself:

2020-03-27 CSR Support Request - Turkish Airlines.pdf

Thank you for your consideration. When the pandemic slows down, it will be more important than ever for us to bring operations back online as fast as possible.

Please take care, stay safe, and stay healthy during these uncertain times.

Hoste Hainse,
Sustainable Community Development through Education | 501(c)(3) Non-Profit,
4/176 Bhawani Mandup, HB Complex, Jawalakhel, Lalitpur, Kathmandu, Nepal.
Tel.: +977-1-5550700 | | | | | |
like us: | follow us:
2020-03-27 CSR Support Request - Turkish
Download • 309KB

so let's see what happens. we'll keep you posted. in 2018 we received a shipment of donated books from america and established the first library at the hoste hainse padariya school, thanks to the leadership of abin kunwar, nina thapa and their son arnav kunwar. they had personally made the trip down to sarlahi to hand over the books. we're now working with them to establish the second library at the hoste hainse sahodwa school. that's in collaboration with anuj rajbhandari of books of joy (connected to us by deepshikha garg -- the power of networking), but that's another blog entry altogether some other day. :) but anyways, the point i was trying to make was that we now also have experience in receiving shipments of donations, which can be a challenge in nepal with permissions and such.

wow, this blog entry is getting long, and i have not even started talking about the lockdown, the title of this entry. but let me quickly touch upon one more pre-lockdown topic.

nepalhilfe bietigheim-hersfeld sarlahi visit and highway cleanup

tilo, didi, werner, manuela and martin, from long-time hoste hainse supporters, nepalhilfe bietigheim-hersfeld, germany, had been in nepal since february, with their local counterpart, shyam. they have been coming once a year, do their trekking and then before returning to germany, visit our projects. and this time, just in time, before the lockdown started. we almost cancelled our trip because of the looming pandemic, but thought we could still be safe as well as practical about it and ended up going, especially because we travelled by car and stayed away from airports. remember, this is still mid march and things were very different then. i have not had the chance to post pictures on facebook yet, but this photo should sum up the highway cleanup:

2020/03/18 Highway Cleanup @ Mahendra Rajmarga, Sarlahi - Rashmi, Tilak, Martin, Manuela, Werner, Didi, Tilo, Shyam, Sunkaji, Krishna

we were back at the mahendra rajmarga in sarlahi exactly a month after our last litter pick. almost felt like an adopt-a-highway (what they do in the u.s.). to see what we do during a highway cleanup, check out last month's blog entry: [ blog0010 ]. this time we were able to clean up twice as much (a 2 kilometer stretch) as we had a full entourage, and color coded too! like the t-shirts? :) check out the bags of recyclables pressed down and bound on top of the two vehicles. this, needless to say, feeds into our recycle for education fundraiser.

i wrote this last month as well (and the month before that) -- the perfect example of marrying a socially responsible activity with our core competence -- education of underprivileged children. in the past, we were informally using recycling proceeds to pay for small hoste hainse needs or other social activities. now, everything is streamlined -- we recycle (enough said), and use the proceeds of recycling to pay for the education of underprivileged children via hoste hainse, and that too by means of our flagship project, project 3k! [ ]. the "recycle for education" page even lists how many students are getting an education via this program! check it out @ [ ].

triple satisfaction. we clean, we recycle, and then we use the funds generated from recycling for education of underprivileged children. for the sake of brevity, am not going to post nepalhilfe bietigheim-hersfeld sarlahi visit school tour pictures here. they will be posted on our facebook page soon. but now, let me ease into the lockdown.

the lockdown

so, once again -- lockdown day #8.

never before have i stayed home for eight consecutive days in a row. this has been a surreal experience to say the least. the lockdown started on march 24, tuesday, right after the 2nd confirmed case of corona virus in nepal was found. and we have been on house arrest ever since. we're officially on lockdown until april 7, but the lockdown may be extended for another week, depending upon how things are. it's for our own good, and that's why we are in full compliance. wfh (working from home) in full effect. i normally get my things done from my home-office anyway, and so it has not been too big of a change for me, but i used to leave the house at least once a day, and not being able to do that now has been torture. but, once again, i know it's for everyone's good, and so we're playing along. how it unfolded over the last couple of weeks has been unbelievable. once again, my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected as well as everyone working on the front lines.

wfh in overdrive. so has been video conferencing. am now an expert in both google hangouts meet as well as zoom and that too in just a week's time. :) don't have a favorite just yet, but i guess we've come a long way from the bulky monitor top webcams in the year 1998. :) this week, today is the only day i do not have a group video conference scheduled. the week started on sunday with our hoste hainse core group meeting, which has now moved online to google hangouts meet. monday was a covid-19 group conference call facilitated by the u.n.; 45 people on one call via zoom. nothing today. tomorrow, a lincoln school board meeting (am treasurer on the lincoln school board; lincoln school has gone full online learning until mid april, but it's probably going to extend to the end of the school year (june 2020)). thursday, am facilitating my rotary club weekly meeting online. friday, a global compact nepal board meeting. it's almost feels like i am more busy with online meetings now during the lockdown. it's good in a way; what keeps me busy is a distraction from wanting to go out. :) but on a more serious note, a lot of calls and meetings are about what we can do to help out in the current situation. and more than via hoste hainse, which runs the united nations global compact local network secretariat, it is via the global compact itself that we will most probably be able to do more, which is a nice segue into the next topic...

united nations global compact

quick reminder that hoste hainse is a member organization of both ungc as well as iucn. you might already know the u.n. global compact is the voluntary wing of the united nations which urges businesses and organizations to embrace social responsibility. iucn on the other hand is all about the conservation of nature.

covid-19 and how we can help is what's on everyone's mind right now, and what we're trying to do right now can be most effective under the ungc banner. on monday, facilitated by united nations resident coordinator to nepal, valerie julliand, a 1 hour 45 minute online meeting was held with un agencies, undp, unicef, unrco, ilo, who and the private sector. here's a screenshot of what page 1 of 2 of the online zoom conference room looked like:

2020/03/30 United Nations Zoom Meeting with Private Sector

(thanks, pratima, for capturing this screenshot.)

instead of regurgitating everything that happened in the meeting, allow me to copy/paste a follow-up email i sent to all the attendees of the meeting last night:

Date: Mon, 30 Mar 2020 21:55:50 +0545
To: Valerie Julliand (UN),
Ayshanie Medagangoda-Labe (UNDP),
Yam Nath Sharma (UNDP),
Geetanjali Rai (UNDP),
Tania Dhakhwa (UNICEF),
Umesh Rai (Yeti Airlines),
Rameshwar Thapa (Airlines Operators Association of Nepal),
Sangita Shrestha Einhaus (Dwarika's Hotel),
Shreejana ?? (Hotel Association of Nepal),
Gopal Sharma (Marriott),
Rasy Chitrakar (Marriott),
Rajesh Ramdas (Hyatt),
Kishor Pradhan (FNCCI),
Umesh Lal Shrestha (FNCCI),
Hari Bhakta Sharma (CNI),
Nirvana Chaudhary (CNI),
Padma Jyoti (NBI),
Kush Kumar Joshi (NBI),
Merina Ranjit (Chaudhary Group),
Bijaya Krishna Shrestha (Blue Cross Hospital),
Rajat Shrestha (Blue Cross Hospital),
Sati Gautam Singh (Blue Cross Hospital),
Rojika Pradhan (Alka Hospital),
G. Narayan B. Chhetri (Association of Pharmaceutical Producers of Nepal (APPON)),
Suresh Ghimire (Chemical & Medical Suppliers Association of Nepal),
Binod Manandhar (Chemical & Medical Suppliers Association of Nepal),
Sushil Thapa (Chemical & Medical Suppliers Association of Nepal),
Shekhar Golchha (RK Golchha Group),
Shekhar Golchha (RK Golchha Group),
Subodh Kumar Gupta (Association of Nepalese Rice, Oil & Pulses Industry),
Reeta Simha (Federation of Woman Entrepreneurs Association of Nepal),
Andy Chong (Ncell),
Bishakha Khadka Kunwar (Ncell),
Kshitu Rijal (Viber),
Keshav Nepal (WorldLink),
Anil Shah (Nabil Bank),
Sanjeev Satgaiyan (Kathmandu Post),
Mahesh Swar (Kantipur Media House),
Sambridhi Gyawali (Republica),
Rabindra Kumar Shashi Rijal (Advertising Association of Nepal),
Ajit Shah (Lotus Holdings),
Pradeep Man Vaidya (Global Compact Nepal),
Samir Thapa (Global Compact Nepal),
Yogesh Satyal (Global Compact Nepal),
Yogendra Chitrakar (Global Compact Nepal),
Laxmi Sharma (Global Compact Nepal),
Nitisha Shrestha (Global Compact Nepal),
Sushil Bajracharya (Global Compact Nepal),
Narayan Krishna Kharel (Global Compact Nepal),
Kritishma Karki (Global Compact Nepal),
Sulochana Shrestha-Shah (Global Compact Nepal),
Neeraj Nepali (Global Compact Nepal),
Sristi Joshi Malla (Global Compact Nepal),
Nabina Shrestha (Global Compact Nepal),
From: Krishna Shah
Subject: [gcn: undp: covid-19] Re: Agenda for the first virtual meeting between UN and representatives of private sector
Cc: Global Compact Nepal Office, Hoste Hainse Office (GCN Secretariat)

Dear Valerie, Ayshanie & everyone on the conference call today:

Thank you for today's video conference call. It almost felt like 2015 right after the earthquake when we all got together to network/collaborate/help out at the UN premises, the only difference being that the meetings in 2015 were in person. :)

Just a quick follow-up email to update everyone on some "what we are doing" and "what we can do together" items that I did not touch upon during the conference call for the sake of brevity (but the call still ended up being an hour and forty-five minutes as a lot of good ideas were discussed). I hope we will be able to collaborate and/or network with a number of players on this email chain by sharing this info.

First, "what we are doing" via the UN Global Compact Local Network (Global Compact Nepal - GCN)...

A lot of these endeavours are still in the preliminary stages and running with hiccups due to the lockdown, but that energizes us more to work even harder. At this point in time, we are collaborating with both UN Global Compact Local Network member organizations as well as non-member organizations.

1.) Manufacturing supplies - PPE's and masks. Some GCN members (SABAH Nepal and Danfe Works) are already on board with manufacturing medical supplies in-house like PPE's and masks as these are needed not only immediately but also long term, as this pandemic pans out. Supply chain logistics are a nightmare right now, as you can imagine. But perhaps this email will be taken as a cry for help, logistics wise for individuals / organizations to reach out for collaboration. We have also reached out to Mahabir Pun, who has been in the news lately re: PPE's and he too is running out of materials because of the same reasons.

2.) Facilitating/coordinating between the Ministry Of Health/Population COVID-19 Standing Committee (or whatever that group is called), the Nepal Academy of Science and Technology Centre for Excellence, for the flow of information between scientists/academicians both nationally as well as internationally. The key is to open the doors of communication between scientists internationally and within Nepal via the Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (RONAST) for information dissemination re: the COVID-19 corona virus.

3.) Exploring feasibility of a "Corona Virus Lab" with Nepal Academy of Science and Technology in conjunction with local hospitals. Have started with GCN member hospital, Blue Cross Hospital, but this is open to whoever wants to work with the Academy.

There are many other smaller action items we're involved in at the present as well, but like you, we're all working from home at perhaps 50% capacity (sometimes no electricity; sometimes no internet), which I am sure you are also struggling with, but these should be the main items on the front burner right now.

On the "what we can do together" front, I would like to re-iterate what I mentioned at the concall today -- the UN can act as a central facilitator, information disseminator, enabler as well as connector, just like it did right after the earthquake (especially with the clusters). The UN Global Compact Local Network (Global Compact Nepal) can work closely with the UN and other stakeholders in this facilitation process. At this hour of need, a central platform in which we just tell each other what we do, and what we are struggling with, can be of paramount value.

Also, like Valerie mentioned at the end of the call, "solidarity will save the world," this is exactly what we need not only today but also going forward in times to come, as we have no idea how this pandemic will unfold in Nepal. Is this the calm before the storm? Or will we be spared? Only time will tell, but we need to be ready either way.

We, at Global Compact Nepal, look forward to connecting with a lot of you both collectively as well as individually.

Thanks again, all.

Krishna Shah
Executive Director Pro Bono
Global Compact Nepal
United Nations Global Compact Local Network - Network Nepal

this should summarize what happened at the meeting and what we plan to do going forward. i could write another five paragraphs on what was talked about, but the gist of the meeting was all of us coming together and coordinating/collaborating for the greater good. let's see what happens. i will keep you posted in subsequent blog entries. so much to do! but it's all good. it keeps us going!

prakrity sessions

it's become more or less a trend that i close every blog entry with references to prakrity sessions. in my last blog entry, [ blog0010 ], i left with you with "prakrity sessions 448", "prakrity sessions 450" and "prakrity sessions 452". so naturally this time, the last two full-commentary shows since then are "prakrity sessions 454" and "prakrity sessions 456":

prakrity sessions 454 (march 7, 2020)

a fundraiser for the education of underprivileged children in nepal

more info @

prakrity sessions 456 (march 21, 2020)

like i mentioned in my last blog entry, you may know about the broadcast already since i have been doing it for the last 8+ years. it's my personal weekly uplifting electronic music radio show, and more importantly a fundraiser for hoste hainse; more info. here: [ ]. available as a free subscribable podcast on itunes, an any-time on demand download @, or live on local fm, radio nagarik, 96.5 mhz., every friday night at 9pm nepal standard time. this will ultimately be roped into the hoste hainse website as music for education. heads up!

ok... it's late and i am getting tired. so, i better stop. am happy i am able to write at least once a month (so far), instead of not writing at all (the hiatus between 2015 and 2020). there were lots of references to previous blog entries and in case you have not read those, here are the links for you:

  • [ blog0010 : german ambassador sarlahi visit ] - february 29, 2020

  • [ blog0009 : hh blog reloaded (again) ] - january 15, 2020

thanks for reading, and please take care as well as stay safe during these uncertain times. if you have any questions or comments on anything that i wrote about, please feel free to reach out: [].

write/talk to you next month.

cheers, krishna

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