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Hoste Hainse has been providing long term educational support to needy and underprivileged children of Nepal since its inception over almost three decades ago. It has been supporting children from pre-primary levels to secondary and beyond with the help of various supporters as well as income generation programs for self-sustainability.


Hoste Hainse currently runs four schools across four villages in the district of Sarlahi which lies in the Terai, the plains in the south of Nepal. Sarlahi is considered a "durgam chhetra" which means that poverty-levels are very high, gender discrimination rampant, access to basic facilities difficult, and education penetration in the average household extremely low. Sarlahi, with only a 50% literacy rate, is one of the least educated districts in Nepal.

Against all odds, we are proud to share that our high school matriculation rate (SLC/SEE) has always been over 90% since inception, while the government school average remains at only 20%. As of now, the number of girls in high school is climbing up to the same level as boys. Because our schools are so high performing, even children not enrolled in our schools flock to our classrooms, and we do not have the heart to turn them away.

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