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The Triple-H Initiative 

Hoste Hainse is a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) that has been promoting sustainable community development through education for the last 30+ years. We build and run community schools for 2,000+ underprivileged children across rural Nepal, where poverty levels are high and education penetration low-- at no cost to the children or their families. Funded by donors like you, we are able to provide education that is crucial for our students & communities to break out of the established cycle of intergenerational poverty. Supported by your contribution, the multi-step Hoste Hainse Hygiene Initiative (Triple-H), will allow us to upgrade currently unusable wash facilities, provide hygienic resources, and secure proper water access so that all of our students receive the education they deserve.

Why are bathrooms important for students?

Dignity and hygiene

Proper hygiene and water access are cornerstones of a good education; without these resources, students are far more susceptible to disease, missing class, and even dropping out. Our schools are centerpieces of the communities in which they operate, this means that it is essential that we fulfill the basic human needs of our students, teachers, and staff with quality hygienic resources. Currently, two of our four schools operate without properly functioning bathrooms-- while all four operate without enough access to drinking water. This means our students endure entire school days, deprived of water and the ability to relieve themselves in private, accessible spaces. For many students, our schools are the only place where they can receive the benefits of hygiene and the privacy of a bathroom, as well as access to sufficient drinking water.


Female health and education

In our schools’ current states, female students have no space to privately take care of their menstrual health, let alone to learn about it. Without bathrooms, girls are forced to stay home when on their periods, severely hindering their education due to recurring absences. This further poses an obstacle to the education of already-disadvantaged, young girls that need our help the most. A portion of funds for our school bathrooms will supply our girls both with privacy and safety as well as basic female hygiene care products.

Our current bathroom at one of our community schools.


What your donation will provide

Triple-H is a long-term project, which strives to improve hygiene access at all four of our schools. This first step of the initiative targets the 700+ students, teachers, and staff at our Dhangada School, improving access to hygiene and privacy throughout their school days with the goal of creating conditions that support quality education for girls and boys alike. The first phase of Triple-H at Dhangada will include the complete repair of the school bathroom and its facilities, as well as the purchasing of hygienic supplies. Future steps of the initiative will require varying degrees of repairs and construction. Your donation will contribute to closing the national socioeconomic gap in hygiene & water access, support advocacy for menstrual health, and increase student education quality & retention rates.

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